Taking the Matter to Court

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SLF, representing a group of well-informed and concerned Americans, including leaders in Congress who have been intimately involved in climate change issues for more than a decade, has brought the first of likely several court and administrative legal actions.  The goal is to compel the federal government to follow the laws as enacted by Congress and to pursue legitimate public policy based on legitimate scientific data.  The American people deserve no less, and the U.S. Constitution mandates it.

The proposed measures in the EPA’s arsenal will cripple the American economy at a cost of at least $1 trillion over the next decade – and will provide no significant environmental benefit to the climate and environment over the next 30 years.

SLF is providing background legal and scientific information on this website during the pendency of the various legal actions in order to ensure that the American people have access to the proceedings and to solid representative materials of the scientific inquiry into climate change.

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